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Thursday, June 07, 2007
  Heard around the Open Source watercooler

I'm eager to get started, but I have many questions first. Most deal with parts of the manual that didn't have specific details. <snip>
Be brave! Just install [it] and play with it. Half of your questions will answer them self.
Me, about another project:
Are the handbooks considered the definitive documentation? I'm finding that they leave out many details. Can these details be found somewhere that I'm not looking? For example: <snip>... Looking on Amazon, the only book with decent reviews is Pro [Subject] Development, which I just purchased. It talks about the "guts" of [Subject] and how to extend them... What bridges the gap between the Handbooks and books such as this?
<snip> should read the code, and the code documentation... again, reading the actual code, and the comments ([Subject] code is commented nicely) in the code.
I don't believe there are any gaps between the information found in the handbooks and the Pro [Subject] Development book.
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