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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
  On focus

During my brief stint as a blogger, I've never had what one would term a "focus." I'd like to claim that - if I had a focus at all - it was lampooning metabloggers. (In fact, some time ago I went in on an optimistic one-year lease of But alas, once I derived the formula for A-List-ness, the magic was gone. Lately my long-standing interest in information/knowledge management has been revived, and to get the ball rolling: I present a mostly uninvestigated list of links matching the search terms "information management" and "blog", gleaned from Google and MSN Search. Revolutionary! (Originally this was to be a comparison of results returned by classic search engines and those new-fangly oh-so-Web-2.0 blog search engines/web services, but then boredom set in...) MSN Search: I385Q Knowledge Management Blog Online Information 2005 infomusings blog ASIS&T Annual Meeting Blog Google found the above, as well as: Knowledge Jolt with Jack Mospos Ton's Interdependent Thoughts Mathemagenic: learning and KM insights
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