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Friday, March 18, 2005
  It's simple algebra, really

I came pretty late to the blogging game. But yesterday I realized the secret of the A-list bloggers, and I was thinking all day about how to apply this new knowledge. I'm pleased to announce that I've discovered the solution! If you recall, the equation was A-list blogger = Metablogger Now obviously you can divide both sides by "blogger" and get A-list = Meta So here's the secret. (I can't believe I'm sharing this with the world. I need to seek moderation in my blogging...) Simply multiply both sides of the original equation by "Meta": Meta A-list blogger = MetaMetablogger We'll make the left side look good by substitution. A-list A-list blogger = MetaMetablogger And bingo. There it is. If you want to be on the new A-list - the A-list A-list - you simply have to blog about metablogging. Blog about people blogging about blogging. I'm a friggin' genious.
Blogger Derek @ 8:39 PM, March 19, 2005

Unfortunately, you've made an error in your formula here. You're making the assumption that meta is a variable being multiplied by blogger, in otherwords that
Metablogger = meta * blogger

Pretty clearly however, both a-list and meta are functions, i.e. metablogger <--> meta(blogger) == A-List(blogger). It seems then, that what we might want to figure out then, is...
A-List(A-List(blogger))...however, hence all we really know is that A-List(A-List(blogger)) == A-List(meta(blogger)). Which does imply that in order to be in the A-List of the A-List, once also needs to be a metablogger. Unfortunately, I don't know enough about the properties of either function to take this further. Which is probably why I'm not currently a member of A-List(Blogger)


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