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Monday, June 18, 2007
  Specialty office products

Think of your normal, vinyl covered 3-ring binder. How much would one of those set you back? $2? $3? Nothing, because finding spare 3-ring binders is like finding sand at the beach?

Now imagine a normal, vinyl covered 3-ring binder for pages in "landmark" orientation. That is - rotate the pages 90° and put the holes along the short side (the 8½" side, rather than the 11" side.) Printing in landmark orientation is great if you want to save paper: on each side of the paper, you can print 2 pages arranged side-by-side.

  I'm in ur binder, savin ur trees

⊗    And I'm page 2.

So how much do you think one of those will cost ya? Maybe twice as much? $4?

Try about 2,000% as much: $40. Of course, you can easily shell out $80 if you want a metal cover rather than vinyl. Insanity.

Edit 2015-03-01: Tweak wording. Fix image.

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